Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mini sweaters

I do really affected by mini stuff. Last December I was infected by mini-stocking, mini-sweater virus, so I made a few really mini samples. This sock was the first mini cutie I made in December, 2008

Then I found another one piece - mini sweaters, so I couldn't stop then. So my fist mini sweater was made

This year my friend asked me to translate a couple how-to for other mini sweaters. During translation I found myself interest pattern which was never tried before and even never heard about it. So I was extremely interest to try it. Here is the result. It's really sweet result and I like it very much!

And to add some more about my passion to all mini, I want to tell you that after I made my first mini sweater one of my friends advised me to create a small dwarf which could suit for the size. I wasn't sleep that night. And in the morning I decided to do it! Here is the mini dwarf in his mini sweater. I made for him mini socks and hat as well.

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