Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First pattern of crochet toy

I've been asked many times to prepare patterns for my toys. I made a few of them, but non of them weren't finished so far.

However, today I want to announce my first ready to use pattern of... Maneki Neko toy. The similar to one I just had for the Giveaway. If you like it as I like it myself, you can do it yourself. 10 pages of detailed full pictured instruction is very simple to follow. You don't need to be a professional to create such a cute toy, you only need to know how to make:
Sc - single crochet
Sl sc - slip stitch
Ch - Chain stitch.

There is no material specified for this toy, as you can use any thread or yarn you comfortable to work with. The instruction allows you to make Maneki Neko of different size, depends on your material and wish.


Maneki Neko Giveaway - Лотерея Манеки Неко - WINNER!!!

Thank you very much for participating in my Maneki Neko Lottery!

Большое спасибо за участие в моей Лотерее Манеки Неко!

There is the list of the participants - Список участников

1. Kiva McKnight
2. Viola Bah
3. Allie Suder
4. Valerie Lusk
5. U
6. Monika Minter
7. GreysPrincess
8. Феерина
9. Feliciano Vargas
10. Lencorcino
11. Kayla
12. Катенька
13. Gilmore
14. Robyn
15. Tatyana Panteleeva
16. tatafrost
17. Юлика
18. Оля Васина
19. april
20. Anijess3
21. Reko
22. Jen
23. Simula Ioana Luminita
24. Maha
25. Michelle Wong
26. Tatyana (tookie)
27. Sara
28. Светлана
29. Елена
30. bcmonika
31. Ирина Н.
32. inga

The WINNER is number 29 - Елена
Победителем стал номер 29 - Елена

Elena, I wait for your address where to send the toy.
Елена, жду Ваш адрес куда отправить котика.