Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First pattern of crochet toy

I've been asked many times to prepare patterns for my toys. I made a few of them, but non of them weren't finished so far.

However, today I want to announce my first ready to use pattern of... Maneki Neko toy. The similar to one I just had for the Giveaway. If you like it as I like it myself, you can do it yourself. 10 pages of detailed full pictured instruction is very simple to follow. You don't need to be a professional to create such a cute toy, you only need to know how to make:
Sc - single crochet
Sl sc - slip stitch
Ch - Chain stitch.

There is no material specified for this toy, as you can use any thread or yarn you comfortable to work with. The instruction allows you to make Maneki Neko of different size, depends on your material and wish.


Maneki Neko Giveaway - Лотерея Манеки Неко - WINNER!!!

Thank you very much for participating in my Maneki Neko Lottery!

Большое спасибо за участие в моей Лотерее Манеки Неко!

There is the list of the participants - Список участников

1. Kiva McKnight
2. Viola Bah
3. Allie Suder
4. Valerie Lusk
5. U
6. Monika Minter
7. GreysPrincess
8. Феерина
9. Feliciano Vargas
10. Lencorcino
11. Kayla
12. Катенька
13. Gilmore
14. Robyn
15. Tatyana Panteleeva
16. tatafrost
17. Юлика
18. Оля Васина
19. april
20. Anijess3
21. Reko
22. Jen
23. Simula Ioana Luminita
24. Maha
25. Michelle Wong
26. Tatyana (tookie)
27. Sara
28. Светлана
29. Елена
30. bcmonika
31. Ирина Н.
32. inga

The WINNER is number 29 - Елена
Победителем стал номер 29 - Елена

Elena, I wait for your address where to send the toy.
Елена, жду Ваш адрес куда отправить котика.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maneki Neko Giveaway - Лотерея Манеки Неко

I decided to make a Give away. This Maneki Neko toy I created specially for this Give away. The Maneki-neko (招き猫?, literally "Beckoning Cat"; also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money Cat, or Fortune Cat) is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman. In modern cultures, Maneki-neko can be frequently found in rooms on the third floors of buildings, due to the auspicious qualities associated with the number three. Japanese folklore suggests that keeping a talisman of good fortune, such as the maneki-neko, in bedrooms and places of study will bring about favorable results and life successes. I made the Maneki Neco with raised left paw, because people use to believe that raised left paw of Maneki Neco attracts wellness, luck and money.

Этого котика Манеки неко я сделала специально для розыгрыша лотереи. Манэки-нэко (яп. 招き猫?, буквально «Приглашающий кот», «Манящий кот», «Зовущая кошка»; также известный как «Кот счастья», «Денежный кот» или «Кот удачи») — распространённая японская скульптура, часто сделанная из фарфора или керамики, которая приносит её владельцу удачу. Традиционно считается, что поднятая правая лапа привлекает новые знакомства, а поднятая левая лапка привлекает в дом удачу и богатство. Именно поэтому я сделала своего котика с поднятой левой лапой.

This is Maneki Neko which you'll get if you win. Maneki Neko crocheted from cotton thread.

Вот такой Манеки Неко станет Вашим в случае выигрыша. Котик Манеки Неко связан из хлопчатобумажной нити.

The height of toy is 5,5cm.

Высота игрушки 5,5см.

Side view

Вид сбоку

Maneki Neko will come inside of this box on which it's sitting

Котик Манеки Неко приедет в коробочке, на которой сидит

Maneki Neko wish your a luck!

Котик Манеки Неко желает вам удачи!

Rules for this Giveaway:
Leave your name under this post and I'll enter your name into my Maneki Neko Giveaway. You don't need to have a blog to enter into this Giveaway, but don't forget leave your contact details for the case if you'll became a winner. I'll be also happy if you put the link to my Giveaway onto your blog, journal, site, etc, but it's NOT MANDATORY, just if you want. November 5, 2012 will be the last day of the Giveaway, the results will be announced on November 6, 2012. GOOD LUCK!!!

Условия участия в Лотерее Манеки Неко:
Оставьте своё имя после этого сообщения, и Вы будете включены в Лотерею. Для участия в этой лотерее не нужно иметь блог или журнал, однако не забудьте оставить свои координаты для того, чтобы с Вами можно было связаться в случае, если Вы станете победителем. Мне будет очень приятно, если Вы разместите ссылку на мою лотерею в своём блоге, журнале..., но это НЕ ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО, только если Вы сами этого хотите. Последний день летереи 5 ноября 2012 года, 6 ноября 2012 года будут объявлены результаты лотереи. УДАЧИ!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fire Dragon Vasya

I made this dragon as a symbol of 2012 year, Year of Dragon.
This is knitted toy, not crocheted as always.

Pokemon Cyndaquil

I made this cute pokemon for my daughter's friend Tanya

Rosalina from Mario Nintendo

My first doll. Made for special order.

Littlest Matryoshka I ever made

I made this cutie for swap game. This it the very special Matryoshka, because she prefer to stay at hands instead to be alone. She smiled only on these pictures which I made holding her in my hands. On all the rest pictures, where I captured her alone, she looked like crying!!! Incredible, but truth!!! She left to USA to her her home.


This cute frog (not miniature critter) I made for my daughter's friend Tanya. She likes it a lot and sleep with it since that!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little birdie

I made this little colorful bird for swap game at swap-bot.com. I don't know why it turned into such a colorful critter, it just wanted to be same! The bird has wired feet so it can stand along very stable! Hope you like it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crocheted Choco cat

When I showed my felted Choco cat at any different places at Internet, some people asked me if I plan to make a crocheted Choco cat. I said yes!
so, please, meet crocheted Choco cat. My original design. Whiskers I made from black stretch thread which I usually use for beaded bracelets. Hands are thread jointed and can move.