Friday, February 29, 2008

The red fish on the picture of bears at play

This little fish I crocheted a few years ago. Still love it soo deeply!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bears at play contest.

I decided to join this contest which looks like very interest to me.I like all the pictures which I've saw already. So, why don't try my best as well?
Here is the picture I've put onto contest

And here you can see the same picture along with my fingers which show you the real size of each critter and stuff on the picture. Tiny-mini, in fact!


This time I created owl. It was one more challenge for me, as from the begin I can't imagine where and how to begin! Every time I have show the process to my husband, he skeptically grinned and asked - and where is... So I have to add more and more details. He left to work, but when he back I proudly showed him the result. Do you know what he did then? He took her on his hand and made her fly! Isnt' it the best compliments?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little Giraffe born

Have you ever try to create a giraffe? If so, you know that it's not so easy, because it has some special details which consider it as real giraffe. One of my friend ask me to crochet for her giraffe a while ago. I do love challenges so I agreed and begin to think how to do it? After a few months I decided that the time is now. So, please, meet the Little Giraffe. He still hasn't the name as I decided this time that his future owner have to name him. So, just a Giraffe for a while.
I crocheted him from 3 colors of cotton thread, then painted spots with acrylic.

Here you can see the real size of Giraffe
He likes play on the grass
He loves to dream...

He dreams about faraway countries... like this one
He plans to go to the country with such palm trees to live in ... So he can play there
And he also likes to show how he's cute in my hand

Hope you like my lil Giraffe