Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas penguin

I was thinking about making penguin a while ago, then skip the idea and now I returned to it when I decided to take a part in Christmas toy exchange game. It's still by his way to new owner, but I decided to show the little sweety already. So, meet the tiny penguin!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little Bunny girl with her bunny toy

They're my new critters. I do really love to make them both. But say the truth the smallest was exciting for a bit more. They both live now at faraway Russian small town near Moscow. The bunny girl's name is Masya.

Masya's legs thread jointed for free moving, so she could sit and stay alone. Her Head is also thread jointed.

I put into the hands wiring so Masya can hold her toy.

She's standing for a while

And she even has a sweet small tail!

Ups...bunny toy fall down!

Here we up it and hold again!

And a bit closer view

I forget to make a picture in my hand as I use to do usually, so I use the picture made by her new owner, who holds Masya in her hand.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mini sweaters

I do really affected by mini stuff. Last December I was infected by mini-stocking, mini-sweater virus, so I made a few really mini samples. This sock was the first mini cutie I made in December, 2008

Then I found another one piece - mini sweaters, so I couldn't stop then. So my fist mini sweater was made

This year my friend asked me to translate a couple how-to for other mini sweaters. During translation I found myself interest pattern which was never tried before and even never heard about it. So I was extremely interest to try it. Here is the result. It's really sweet result and I like it very much!

And to add some more about my passion to all mini, I want to tell you that after I made my first mini sweater one of my friends advised me to create a small dwarf which could suit for the size. I wasn't sleep that night. And in the morning I decided to do it! Here is the mini dwarf in his mini sweater. I made for him mini socks and hat as well.

Real Gentleman Tom the Cat

Tom was made special for the exchange game at Russian forum.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mik - mini crochet bear

I've purchased new for me yarn, so was eager to try it. And I was thinking about present for one of my friend, so... Mik have come to world.