Monday, April 9, 2012

Fire Dragon Vasya

I made this dragon as a symbol of 2012 year, Year of Dragon.
This is knitted toy, not crocheted as always.

Pokemon Cyndaquil

I made this cute pokemon for my daughter's friend Tanya

Rosalina from Mario Nintendo

My first doll. Made for special order.

Littlest Matryoshka I ever made

I made this cutie for swap game. This it the very special Matryoshka, because she prefer to stay at hands instead to be alone. She smiled only on these pictures which I made holding her in my hands. On all the rest pictures, where I captured her alone, she looked like crying!!! Incredible, but truth!!! She left to USA to her her home.


This cute frog (not miniature critter) I made for my daughter's friend Tanya. She likes it a lot and sleep with it since that!!!